The IRS Releases 2017 Inflation Adjustments

Now that we’re well into the New Year, taxpayers should know 2017’s inflation adjustments for several tax provisions set forth in Rev. Proc. 2016-55. These adjustments apply to tax years beginning in 2017 and transactions or events occurring during the 2017 calendar year. Many affect estate planners and expatriates.

*The 2017 taxable income thresholds on trusts and estates under § 1(e) are:

If Taxable Income is: The Tax is:
Not over $  2,550 15% of the taxable income
Over      $  2,550 but not over $ 6,000 $   382.50  plus 25% of excess over    $ 2,550
Over      $  6,000 but not over $ 9,150 $1,245.00  plus 28% of excess over    $ 6,000
Over      $  9,150 but not over $12,500 $2,127.00  plus 33% of excess over    $ 9,150
Over      $12,500 $3,232.50  plus 39.6% of excess over $12,500


*The 2017 alternative minimum tax exemption amount for estates and trusts under (§55(d)(1)(D)) is:

Filing Status Exemption Amount
Estates and Trusts ((§ 55(d)(1)(D)) $24,100


*The phase out amounts of alternative minimum tax for estates and trusts under (§ 55(d)(3)(C)) are:

Filing Status Threshold Phaseout Completed Phaseout
Estates and Trusts ((§ 55(d)(3)(C)) $80,450 $176,850


*For decedents dying and gifts and generation-skipping transfers made in 2017, the basic exclusion amount, for purposes of determining the § 2010 credit against estate tax, is $5,490,000. The calculated credit generated by the § 2010 or § 2505 inflation-adjusted basic exclusion amount is $2,141,800 for 2017 decedents or gifts.

The § 2503(b) annual gift tax exclusion for gifts of current interest in property made in 2017 stays the same at $14,000 per donee. For gifts of current interest in property made to a non-citizen spouse in 2017, the annual gift tax exclusion is $149,000 under § 2523(i)(2) .

Additionally, donees of gifts from certain foreign persons may be required to report these gifts under §6039F if the aggregate value of the gifts received in 2017 exceeds $15,797.

For estates of decedents dying in 2017 that elect to use the §2032A special valuation method for qualified property, the aggregate decrease in value must not exceed $1,120,000.

For estates of decedents dying in 2017 that elect to extend the payment of estate tax under §6166, the 2% portion for determining the interest rate under §6601(j)is $1,490,000.

*For individuals losing U.S. citizenship in 2017, an average annual net income tax of more than $162,000 for the five previous tax years is a covered expatriate for purposes of §877A(g)(1). For 2017, the amount that would be includible in the gross income of a covered expatriate under §877A(a)(1) is reduced (but not below zero) by $699,000.

*For exempt organizations, the §6033(e)(3) reporting exception for certain exempt organizations with nondeductible lobbying expenditures, the annual per person, family, or entity dues threshold is $113 or less. For §501(c)(5) agricultural and horticultural organizations, the §512(d)(1) limitation for exemption of annual dues required to be paid by a member is $162. The unrelated business income of certain exempt organizations under §513(h)(2) does not include a low cost article of $10.70 or less. For organizations receiving fully deductible charitable contributions under §170 where the donor received insubstantial benefits in return, the inflation-adjusted guidelines of Rev. Proc. 90-12, 1990-1 C.B. 471, §3 are $10.70, $53.50, and $107.

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