The Benefits of Hiring A New York City Tax Attorney

Facing taxation problems is not at all uncommon for the American population. It is not at all surprising, given the complexity of the economic system of the United States, which is a leading superpower in the whole world. Economic opportunities abound and one such opportunity is the availability of multiple jobs for its citizens. This, of course, is by itself good. Except that for many individuals, holding multiple jobs and thereby having a multiple source of income can get to be a headache when it comes to taxation. Some barely have enough time for fulfilling their work obligations, and it is such a real trouble when the IRS runs after them for unintentional tax miscalculations.

Tax cases with the IRS can also result from not being able to comply with tax filing requirements. To aggravate this matter, failure to file and pay taxes at the right time can result to an individual amassing a hefty sum of debt by way of delinquent taxes and its attendant penalties. For example, in the state of New York, it was reported just recently that an actor had accumulated a debt of over $350,000 in unpaid New York State taxes and penalties covering the period of 2008 – 2010. The actor concerned have been charged with negligence to pay his tax obligations. If convicted, he would be facing four years in prison, apart from being required to pay his back taxes.

In such a scenario as outlined above, what are the options available for the taxpayer concerned? This case specifically requires the professional service of a New York City tax attorney. As a professional with the proper training in taxation laws, a New York City tax attorney has the needed expertise in optimizing the opportunities allowed under existing laws and he can use both his expertise and the relevant legal provisions to your advantage. By representing your case before the IRS, or a court for that matter, he can offer arguments backed up by legal precedents or pertinent laws. In so doing, he protects not only your interests as a taxpayer but also helps in the process of making clear what the law really says by way of the particular tax provisions specifically used in your case.

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