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Claiming Summer Camp Expenses On Your Tax Returns

Keeping children busy and entertained during the summer months when school is out is no easy task for parents. One alternative is sending the youngsters to summer camp, which is typically not a small expense. However, tClaiming Summer Camp Expenses On Your Tax Returns

During the school year, working parents have the luxury of not having to find someone to care for their younger children during normal school hours. In this case, children only need care during the hours between the time school ends and when a parent arrives home from work, which may be two to three hours at the most. However, during the summer this changes when school end and parents must find day-long care for their children. Many parents send their kids to camp during the summer to solve this problem. Is there any tax relief for parents in this situation?

The Most Overlooked Tax Deductions, Part 1

Many taxpayers overlook the long list of deductions that they may take when completing and filing their tax returns. The IRS has estimated that millions of taxpayers overpay their taxes each year mainly because they fail to avail themselves of all of the possible deductions. Here is the first part of our multi-part blog on the most overlooked tax deductions:


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