Dealing With The IRS Part 2

Dealing with the IRS may be one of the most intimidating thoughts or notions for any American taxpayer. Everyone wants to know how to deal with the IRS when the time comes. Here are some tips if a taxpayer receives a notice from the IRS, thus necessitating some contact with the IRS.

The IRS typically sends a notice or a letter for a variety of reasons, including information about some specific issue related to a federal tax return or account, or information about changes to such an account. A notice may also request further information about some tax-related issue or request a payment.

The document from the IRS will usually provide information so the taxpayer may address the issue without further personal or telephone contact with an IRS office. In case a taxpayer nonetheless has questions or is simply confused in this circumstance, a qualified tax professional may offer guidance and assistance.

After verifying that the letter is from the IRS, the taxpayer should follow the notice’s instructions as to the intended or required response. Again, a knowledgeable tax professional may provide help in sorting through any confusion and ensuing uncertainty.

Some notices are purely informational and are only for a taxpayer’s records and don’t require a response. IRS notices and letters are numbered and provide contact information, usually found in the upper right corner of the notice, to answer all questions.

The IRS may inform a taxpayer of an incorrect return containing a mistake. It may provide notice of the under reporting of income, or it may provide notice of an audit or proposed changes to an existing audit. An IRS notice may state that a taxpayer has a balance on his or her tax account. This notice will contain the amount owed, due date for payment, along with payment instructions.

If a notice is lost, a taxpayer (depending on the type) may call one of the following toll-free numbers for assistance:

  • Individual taxpayers: 800-829-1040 (TTY/TDD 1-800-829-4059)
  • Business taxpayers: 800-829-4933

Resolving a tax problem with the assistance of a tax professional

A tax professional qualified with the necessary knowledge and experience may assist all taxpayers, whether an individual or business, who receive an IRS notice related to mistake, under reporting of income, unpaid taxes, or other issue. If you have any question about taxes, please call THE TAX EXPERTS at the Thorgood Law Firm at 212-490-0704 for assistance or learn more online at The consultation is FREE!Dealing With The IRS Part 2

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