Choosing The Right Tax Attorney

There are many reasons for choosing a tax attorney. Some reasons are reactive or defensive, others are cost-preventive. It is more than wise to retain a tax attorney when:

  • Subject to an audit or collection activity;
  • Filing an appeal of a tax court decision;
  • Trying to save money on behalf of a business; and
  • Trying to take advantage of tax credits or deductions.

Choosing a tax attorney involves the assessment of various factors, which include the following:


The expertise of any attorney is especially important as it suggests the attorney’s competence. Some tax attorneys may only deal with the filing process. Others may deal with audits and collection activities. It is important to make sure that the tax professional has the expertise to solve the specific problem at hand. The Thorgood Law Firm advises clients on strategic tax matters including general tax counseling. The attorneys at the Thorgood Law Firm have represented numerous clients on tax matters including audits, collection and other adverse enforcement measures initiated by federal, state or local taxing authorities.


The track record and reputation, if positive, of a tax professional both reinforce the confidence and trust clients may have in the expectation that their problems will be solved expeditiously, efficiently, and effectively. Prospective clients must ascertain and compare the track record and reputation of any attorneys that they consider retaining for representation.


It’s one thing to know that an attorney can solve a problem. But just how many times has he or she solved the problem is relevant to knowing that in the event of any unforeseen contingencies or events, the attorney has the capacity to make adjustments and still prevail on behalf of the client. The attorneys at the Thorgood Law Firm have assisted taxpayers in the Tri-State area for over two decades.

Ability to Answer Qs

When interviewing a tax attorney, it is important to show no restraint when asking questions. How the attorney deals with the simple, mundane, even seemingly stupid questions asked by clients, is a good indicator of the attorney’s consideration and patience.

If you need an experienced and knowledgeable tax professional for any tax-related reason, call THE TAX EXPERTS at the Thorgood Law Firm For a FREE consultation call 212-490-0704.Choosing The Right Tax Attorney

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