Long-Term Capital Gain

Unpaid Loans – Tax Consequences To Lenders And Borrowers

One redeemable quality about humans is that we tend to be more willing to loan money than borrowing it. No one really likes to borrow money, but if a friend is in need, many of us help as much as our financial means allow. When this occurs, it is important to understand that there are income tax consequences for both lenders and borrowers when interest is earned, paid or forgiven on a loan. This blog will address the tax consequences of unpaid loans.

Jan Brady’s Capital Gain: Sells House (She Bought In 1969 For 55.3k) For 3.9 Million

Here’s the story of a middle child who made one heckuva investment! Eve Plumb, who played Jan Brady on the iconic 70s TV show, The Brady Bunch, recently sold her Malibu bungalow for $3.9 million. Ms. Plumb purchased the seaside property in 1969 for a mere $55,300, equivalent to approximately $360,000 in our present economy. Sure, it will be subject to tax as a long term capital gain, but it still made Marcia and Greg’s younger sister a rich gal.