Debt Cancellation

Unpaid Loans – Tax Consequences To Lenders And Borrowers

One redeemable quality about humans is that we tend to be more willing to loan money than borrowing it. No one really likes to borrow money, but if a friend is in need, many of us help as much as our financial means allow. When this occurs, it is important to understand that there are income tax consequences for both lenders and borrowers when interest is earned, paid or forgiven on a loan. This blog will address the tax consequences of unpaid loans.

Part 2 – What If: Debt Related Life Events And Struggling Taxpayers

If you have any type of financial difficulty, keep in mind that there’s a tax impact to events such as job loss or foreclosure. Such consequences may not necessarily be predominantly negative. For example, if your income decreased, you may be newly eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit or other tax credits, which is a good thing.

Of the utmost importance when facing some financial obstacle is to contact the IRS immediately if you believe that you may have trouble paying your tax bill. Please see our blog You Can’t Pay Your Tax Bill in Full  You Have Options…An experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney may help ease any financial burden. Remember that to avoid additional penalties, you also should always file a tax return even if you are unable to pay.

Marvel Entertainment And Cancellation Of Indebtedness Income


Under the tax code, when cancellation of indebtedness income excluded from gross income results in a reduction of combined net operating losses, and a business entity can carry forward this reduction to offset income in following tax years, must this net operating loss be reduced at the combined entity level or at the individual entity level?

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Internal Revenue Code Section 108


Relating to the allocation of partnership liabilities and the tax implication of a foreclosure


What is the allocation of partnership liabilities and the tax implication of a foreclosure?

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Internal Revenue Code Section 465

Internal Revenue Code Section 704

Internal Revenue Code Section 731

Internal Revenue Code Section 752

Internal Revenue Code Section 1001

Tax Regulation § 1.1001-2(c),

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