Frivolous Tax Arguments And Their Perils

“Like moths to a flame, some people find themselves irresistibly drawn to the tax protester movement’s illusory claim that there is no legal requirement to pay federal income tax. And, like moths, these people sometimes get burned.” United States v. Sloan, 939 F.2d 499, 499-500 (7th Cir. 1991).

As long as the federal income tax has been with us, taxpayers have tried to argue that income taxes don’t legally apply to them. The reasons and bases for these arguments usually include the voluntary nature of the federal income tax system, the meaning of income, and the meaning of certain terms contained in the Interenal Revenue Code. Taxpayers hanging their hats on frivolous positions risk a variety of civil and criminal penalties for tax evasion and tax fraud . And taxpayers that adopt these frivolous positions may face more severe consequences than those who only promote them.

The IRS Offer-In-Compromise Program – How Does It Really Work?

The IRS Offer-In-Compromise Program – How Does It Really Work?An offer in compromise (OIC) is an agreement between a taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service that settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed. If the tax liabilities can be fully paid through an installment agreement or other means, the taxpayer, in most cases, will not be eligible for an OIC.

In order to be eligible for an OIC the taxpayer must have:

  1. filed all tax returns;
  2. made all required estimated tax payments for the current year; and
  3. made all required federal tax deposits for the current quarter if the taxpayer is a business owner with employees.

What Is The United States Tax Court And What Happens When The Tax Court Hears A Case?

The United States Tax Court is a federal trial court established by Congress under Article I of the U.S. Constitution, section 8. The Tax Court specializes in adjudicating disputes over federal income tax, generally prior to the time at which formal tax assessments are made by the Internal Revenue Service. The U.S. Tax Court is not an agency of, and is independent of, the executive branch. The U.S. Tax Court is the only forum in which taxpayers may file a case without having first paid the disputed tax in full. Tax Court judges are appointed for a term of 15 years, subject to presidential removal for actions related to neglect, inefficiency, or malfeasance.

IRS Fast Track Settlement Program

Yesterday, November 6, 2013, the IRS expanded nationwide, its streamlined Fast Track Settlement program (FTS), which aims to help small businesses and self-employed individuals under audit settle their differences with the IRS over their tax debts more quickly. The Fast Track Settlement program is designed to help small businesses and self-employed individuals who are under examination by the IRS.

The FTS program uses alternative dispute resolution techniques to help taxpayers save time and avoid a formal administrative appeal or lengthy litigation. As a result, your New York Tax Lawyer can resolve audit issues within 60 days, rather than months or years that it otherwise may take. Taxpayers nonetheless retain all of their rights to appeal even if they take advantage of the FTS program and they are not pleased with the outcome.

The importance of a New York City Tax Attorney

A lot of the people I have met never really understood the roles that a New York City Tax Attorney could play in their lives till they had a need for one. Taxation problems are usually complex and an ordinary citizen might need to be helped to understand them by a professional. Thus, a competent New York tax attorney definitely has sound knowledge of what the laws say about paying taxes. This will enable him to effectively guide his clients on problems they have with revenue agencies.

The Benefits of Hiring A New York City Tax Attorney

Facing taxation problems is not at all uncommon for the American population. It is not at all surprising, given the complexity of the economic system of the United States, which is a leading superpower in the whole world. Economic opportunities abound and one such opportunity is the availability of multiple jobs for its citizens. This, of course, is by itself good. Except that for many individuals, holding multiple jobs and thereby having a multiple source of income can get to be a headache when it comes to taxation. Some barely have enough time for fulfilling their work obligations, and it is such a real trouble when the IRS runs after them for unintentional tax miscalculations.

Getting Help from A Tax Lawyer in New York

Ascertaining taxes that are due to be paid is not a simple job. This is especially true if the taxpayer concerned has multiple sources of income at hand. The fact is that having multiple sources of income is the current trend in our economy, and this in turn can be attributed to the revolutionizing effect of technology to the society in general and the economy in particular.