We are New York Tax Attorneys and CPAs.  We represent individuals and businesses across the country on matters relating to their taxes and on disputes they have with the IRS or New York State taxing authorities.

On any given day, millions of Americans find themselves at odds with the IRS over tax debts allegedly owed.  Unless promptly addressed, these debts grow bigger by the day, and eventually become insurmountable, compliments of penalties and interests accruing daily.

In addition, the IRS has powerful tools at their disposal, making them the world’s most powerful debt collection agency.   They can garnish your wages, seize your assets, freeze your bank accounts – essentially turn your life upside down.  We understand the stress of tax problems and are sensitive to its effect on your family and work.

At the Thorgood Law Firm, we offer prompt and personalized solutions to your tax problems.  We help with:

We also assist clients with:

  • Criminal Audits & Examinations
  • Criminal Tax Defense

Our Attorneys have represented clients before the IRS and state tax authorities for nearly two decades.  We have a very long history of delivering prompt solutions and effective relief to our clients’ tax problems.   We understand the stress of tax problems and are sensitive to its effect on your family and work.

We are not a cookie-cutter operation.  We customize our services to the particular needs of each client.  Unlike some tax firms, your FREE initial, no-commitment, consultation is always with one of our Attorneys.  And, all throughout your experience with us, you will get the benefit of your case being handled by Attorneys – from the initial stages through conclusion.

Unless you do something about it, your tax debts will not go away; in fact it will get much worse.  CALL NOW to take that first step.  Consultation is FREE and there is no commitment – you have nothing to lose.

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